Keltic - Rogue Initiative

......................... With That KELTICDEAD Guy

Patrick O-"Shaun" Young is the KelticDead.

His mission is to capture and present tunes and songs in the traditions of Celtic and related Folk music cultures to promote interest in playing them with diatonic harmonicas, Celtic whistles, and other similar instruments.

It's all fun.

Shaun has created and directed stage shows and events for this type of music genre with many Celtic and Folk musicians. It doesn't take much to convince him to perform in solo or with others, and he likes to make audio-video home recordings as part of the
Keltic - Rogue Initiative.

The KelticDead Celtic knot is one of the most powerful symbols within the Celtic culture. It depicts our place within the four navigation points (airts) in this world and depicts the four winds (elements) that help get us to our destination.

"To the four airts to guide us; and for the four winds to get us there."